Weather Channel: Climate Change Is Real, No Matter What Our Co-Founder Says

We all know that RTs do not equal endorsements. We also know, via The Weather Channel, that odd and easily disprovable statements from co-founders do not equal the official positions of entire organizations.

John Coleman is an old-school meteorologist who happens to believe that climate change is a bunch of hooey; he appeared on Fox’s The Kelly File last week to talk about that fact.

Coleman also co-founded The Weather Channel, and the organization has gone out of its way since he made headlines to distance itself from his opinions.

Since the channel’s business model relies on having users trust it as a source of information, current CEO David Kenny made a point of countering Coleman over the past week. He told Brian Stelter of CNN’s Reliable Sources that “I don’t like our brand being associated with something that’s not scientifically-based.”

Kenny didn’t just appear on the show; the Channel also pointed readers toward its official position statement on the matter.

From that page:

“The bottom line is that with the rate of greenhouse gas emissions increasing, a significant warming trend is expected to also continue…an increased focus should be placed on resiliency and adaptation to the effects of global warming given the sensitivity of civilizations and ecosystems to rapid climate change.”

…this despite a long-term rumor that a certain former executive at the company doesn’t share the opinion of the vast majority of those who work on climate science.

Most importantly, you can feel better at Thanksgiving when telling your uncle that The Weather Channel does, in fact, “believe in” climate change.