Wear Your Computer on Your Wrist with Stormfly

Cloud computing’s hyper-mobility is powerful, but it’s not always feasible. If you’re always struggling to find better data speed and increased security, then you should look into Stormfly wristbands – the USB 3.0 powered harddrive that puts your PC on your wrist. Just plug in the USB wristband and reboot the device and you’ll have your own operating system on hand with all of your personal data.


We built StormFly for speed. Running an Operating System from a USB is not easy, there’s a lot of information spinning back and forth to make things happen at lightning speed. Because of that we designed USB 3.0, the latest USB standard, and we tweaked it a bit to give it some properties of SSD (Solid State Drives). The result gives you a device that not only allows you to run your Operating System, it also gives you a standard USB storage device that is super-fast.

Stormfly is a product from Now Computing and the Kickstarter campaign aims to give you an ultraportable option that removes all of the uncertainty of cloud computing. You won’t have to wait for dependable wi-fi or slow servers. The wristband is only accessible with your personal password and if you lose your wristband, Now Computing sends you a replacement product with data from the last time you backed up.

The device is especially useful for students and children. Students can share computers while maintaining their personal data while keeping it relatively fire-walled against malware. School computer labs are especially susceptible to viruses and malware, and the independent OS wristband can keep those unwanted corruptions from infecting home computers.

Imagine a school with 50 computers, and 500 kids. The amount of messed up settings, bad downloads, and generally ill-maintained systems that get generated is huge. If every child has a StormFly then suddenly all 500 have their own computing environment. Whenever they plug in, reboot and launch their OS from one of the schools 50 PC’s, they cannot mess anything up. Also it operates independent of wifi or internet, so for schools with low coverage StormFly is ideal. Children can also take StormFly home and use it on their parents’ computer.

Donate $59 to Now Computing for your very own Stormfly wrist PC.  Via Mashable