We Like Cars. We Like Buildings. The New York Times Likes Cars And Buildings.


Our bff Phil Patton, who’s all up in the car and design world, wrote a nice piece in today’s Times about how cars and design are, sometimes, related.

We generally avoid car ads but he does our work for us and makes a salient point, noticing that a couple cars — the Phaeton, a Saab — have been photographed with the backdrop of, respectively, Gehry’s Seattle Public Library and “cable-stayed European bridges.”

They had their reasons:

With Volkswagen, Steve Keyes, a company spokesman, said that Mr. Koolhaas’s building was a good setting because it resembled the Phaeton.

“We knew it was going to be difficult for some people to get their head around the idea of a Volkswagen luxury car,” he said. “Both the Phaeton and Koolhaas’s library serve as a rather elegant disruption of the status quo, so they work well together.” The company paid a fee to use the building as a backdrop, Mr. Keyes said.

OK, so it’s about car ads and pretty buildings, but then the story does an about-face and turns into being about the even prettier buildings that the nice cars are built in. Mercedes-Benz at least “included” Asymptote in their competition. BMW has that Zaha-designed administrative building in Leipzig. And for BMW World, the luxury car company hired Coop-Himmelb(l)au, whose use of paranthesis is definitely enough to slot them into the cutting edge.

Maybe we should work on getting our license.