Eva Hagberg: I’m Out, Suckas!!!

This post will be a first, and a last. A little housekeeping, a little changing of the guard, and–for the first time–a little writing as myself. A couple thank you’s, […]

The Changing Of The Guard: ‘Sup, Steve And Alissa

We’re out. Steve Delahoyde, ur-guest editor, and Alissa Walker, ur-AIGA-er, are in. So we thought it might be nice to get to know the new kids on the block. Here’s […]

RIP, NYmetro.com

We love Monday mornings. If only because they bring a new New York magazine. Yesterday, we didn’t love so much. Because the site (or so we thought, foreshadowing) was the […]

RIP, Nam June Paik

This happened two days ago but we just heard about it now. Korean-born video artist Nam June Paik, who did the cars in Rockefeller Center a few years ago, died […]

Brooklyn Has A Park And, OMG, It’s Going To Have A Better Park

A long time ago we wrote a little story about a big landscape architect named Michael Van Valkenburgh. This Friday, he’s giving a talk about the new masterplan for the […]

Young Architects Are Way Cooler Than Old Architects

A couple people deserve our accolades today, for having deserved the accolades of the AIA. Six architects just won the AIA Young Architects Awards. Among them our bff Michael Arad […]

AIGA’s Got A Couple Pretty Sweet-Looking Competitions

Our bffs at the AIGA (although we’re still not forgiving you guys for the atrocious name-change) have two competitions lined up to take your minds off yourselves. First, there’s the […]

So, Um, About That Self-Promotion

As many of you know, or as many of you will come to know, we’re leaving the blogosphere. Unfortunately, we lost our trust fund in a freak accident called not […]

David Adjaye’s Kinda Into Himself But That’s Okay When You’re David Adjaye

Nice profile (via ANN) in the Financial Times about Brit-bad-boy David Adjaye. Who we saw across a crowded Craig Robins’ house but he was too busy conversationally boning Zaha for […]

Bad Kitty, Bad!!!

Eons–it seems–ago, we came across STEP Inside Design Magazine‘s December issue devoted to overlooked women in the graphic design industry. The cover was covered with kitties. Cute little kitties. The […]