We Knew He Was Famous But We Didn’t Realize He Was World-Famous


We don’t really love or rely on our google alerts anymore, seeing as they generally bring news about snow jackets in China and the staff at new graphic design firms opening in Hingham, MA. So we idly scanned our way down the latest one only to see an article headlined “World-famous artist speaks to large crowd.” Piqued our interest a bit. Made us think. Who could this world-famous artist who speaks to a large crowd possibly be???

We read:

Senior Evan DeWalt said he attended the lecture because of [REDACTED]’s fame and prestige in the world of graphic design.

“He has a great sense of humor and is really personable, so on top of being a huge name in the business, I knew he’d be interesting,” he said.

Yeah. You know who it is.