We Don’t Need New eReaders, Says Nawotka

Publishing Perspectives editor Edward Nawotka has written an unusual editorial on all the CES chatter, and it’s making the rounds on twitter. While the Web is buzzing with all the new devices debuting at CES, Nawotka says the devices we’ve got are good enough for the time being.

“I would argue that, at least for the time being, the devices that we already have are good enough for books in their present form. No, the e-ink screens on the Sony, Kindle and others are not great–the one on my iPod Touch is far better for reading–and the designs are merely ‘adequate.’ Yet to most people they suffice,” writes Nawotka.

Yeah, but…that’s no fun. Gimme gadgets.

He goes on to point out that much of what we’ll see at CES will never come to market, and that even tablet PCs have actually been available for years, and “Despite its presence on the market for so long, the tablet PC has had little or no impact on the book business.”

And then his strangest point of all: “I know in my heart that whatever Apple unveils can only be evolution in computing and not a revolution in reading, no matter how amazing it may be.” What do you think–are we in for revolution or evolution?