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Billboard today picks up an amusing Baltimore Sun piece from over the weekend. Namely, the issue of satellite radio “bleeding” into lower-dial FM spots, usually the domain of Jesuscasters and NPR affiliates. To wit:

“The problem comes when the modulator acts as a transmitter, sending the satellite streams to nearby cars tuned to the lower frequencies. Although the interference is generally brief, it’s enough to catch listeners off guard. While the signal overlap applies to any Sirius stream, not just Stern’s, his is the one that stands out to surprised listeners. ‘Usually they’re upset, because they don’t know what’s going on,’ Word FM Radio Network president Charles W. Loughery told the paper. ‘This isn’t what they tuned in to [hear].'”

Maybe so with the Christians, but as the LAT pointed out last month, not necessarily with the NPR listeners: In fact, this freakish FM phenomenon might actually solve the mystery of where Stern’s other 8 million listeners went: It turns out, they may still be tuning in; they’re just not paying for it.