Waygo Android App Instantly Translates Japanese and Chinese Writing

Some Asian languages are still outside the grasp of many travelers who often find themselves staring at foreign menus at home and abroad. Now, those hungry users have Waygo to help them translate Japanese and Chinese even when there is not an internet connection. Now, Waygo is even available for Android users. 

“The goal with Waygo is to make translating quick and easy for even the most challenging of languages to learn,” said Ryan Rogowski, CEO and co-founder of Waygo. “We believe everyone should be able to confidently travel anywhere in the world without language barriers. By creating this instant and accurate off-line service, people can go like a local and spend less time worrying about communication. For those who choose to learn the language, we want Waygo to be the best resource for mastering the language.”

Waygo’s free download will only give you 10 free translations per day. Unlimited translations are available for $6.99 or $1.99 for a weekend tourist package.