Waterlogue App Turns Your iPhone Photos Into Beautiful Watercolor Paintings

screen568x568 (1)Those who love the masters of impressionism like Renoir, Monet, or even Manet will love this watercolor app – it turns all of your everyday iPhone photos into watercolor paintings. As beautiful to look as it is to share, the app makes it a joy to play with filters.

The technology we developed for Waterlogue transforms your photos into spontaneous, unique, and brilliant watercolor sketches that look like real paintings. Waterlogue distills your environment down to its essence—just the way an artist would—and turns even an on-the-fly snapshot into something luminous and sublime.

Waterlogue ($2.99) comes with 12 pre-set styles for customization. You can control the wetness, lightness, colors, and outlines of your images. Once you’re done, they can be exported at high resolution for printing. Please note that older models of iPhones and iPads will require longer processing times:

iPhone 5s…..10s
iPad mini with Retina display…..10s
iPhone 5…..18s
iPod touch, 5th generation…..31s
iPhone 4S…..30s
iPad 3…..22s
iPhone 4…..92s

(Times are in seconds; Processing used example image: “West 14th street” at Medium size)

screen568x568 (2)