Watch “Videos” On Kindle With iPlayer For Kindle

A developer at The BBC named Mark Longstaff-Tyrrell has invented a way to watch videos on the Kindle with a new application called the “iPlayer for Kindle.” Well, kind of videos; it’s more like watching a series of captioned video frames edited together and played back sequentially.

Ubergizmo explains how it works: “What the iPlayer does is it takes DVB digital television and the accompanying subtitles, together with any frame that has dialogue involved and puts them together. To make it slightly more fluid, the software will then go through and take out some extra frames to combine with the dialogue frames, to show things like movement. It then takes the finished product and converts it to an HTML file, which can then be converted into the PDF format for ‘watching’ on your Kindle device. If you think about it, it’s sort of like reading an animated comic strip, or watching stop motion animation.”