Watch The Final Space Shuttle Launch On Your Mobile Device

During most of my entire life time the United States has been putting men and women in to space. Tomorrow will be the beginning of the end of that era with the final Space Shuttle launch at 11:24 EDT. As a child I was free to watch the Apollo mission launches when they were on TV, but now as a working adult, other demands of my time make it difficult to be sure I am able to watch the launch on TV. Fortunately, for those who have Android and iOS devices you will be able to watch the launch live provided you have installed the NASA App and have an Internet connection.

The iPad’s capabilities for watching video are well documented, and past experience has proven to me that the iPad may be the best mobile device for watching the launch on NASA TV. You can watch NASA TV’s coverage of the launch in full screen on the iPad, and from past experience from watching previous launches and landings, I know the streaming works very well over a WiFi connection. If you have an iPad and will be near a WiFi connection tomorrow, I strongly encourage you to install the NASA App HD and check out the NASA TV coverage.

iPhone and iPod Touch users can install the NASA App, which has all of the same features as the iPad version. The NASA Apps provide more than just the NASA TV stream, they also provide mission information, pictures, and tweets from NASA’s multiple Twitter IDs. If all you want is NASA TV, you can install the lighter weight NASA Television app, also free like the NASA Apps. Several other NASA related apps are available from other developers for iOS devices.

Android users can also install the free NASA App on their device, and it has all of the same features, including NASA TV, as exists on iOS. One caveat, however, is that the Android version of the app depends on Flash being installed on your phone, and when you select NASA TV within the app it will switch to a web browser and load the NASA TV flash page where you can watch the live stream. While the NASA App have been available for a while on iOS, it has just become available for Android. I am happy to find that the NASA App works on all of my Android devices, including my HTC Flyer.

Of course, if you have Flash installed on your Android device you can just load the NASA TV live feed in your web browser and not install the NASA App. If you want the benefit of an app that doesn’t have as many features as the official NASA App, another option is NASA HD, which only provides the NASA TV live feeds. As is the case for iOS, there are also several other NASA related apps in the Android Market.