Watch Bloomberg TV For Free On An iPad

When the iPad launched it was touted as a content consumption device. You can read books, play games, browse the web, watch movies, and watch television on an iPad. I’ve found myself using my iPad for watching video broadcast via the Internet much more than I expected,  such as baseball games using the MLB At Bat app. If you like to watch business news a new channel (app) is available for the iPad with the launch of Bloomberg TV+ for the iPad.

Bloomberg TV+ is a free app that provides access to Bloomberg’s video content including the live 24×7 broadcasts that you might otherwise watch on cable. You also have free access to on demand video to shows like Charlie Rose, TechStars, and Bloomberg Rewind. A nice feature is that you can set alarms to watch live shows that appear as notifications on the iPad. Another nice feature is the categorization of segments that have aired during the last 24 hours that one might want to watch.

Every time I watch video on the iPad I am amazed at how crisp and clear it appears, it is as good as watching on a television and I find the iPad’s screen to be very adequate for watching video. I don’t think the iPad screen is big enough for watching epic movies, but it’s perfect for watching shows, particularly if you like having the TV on in the background while you are doing other work. The Bloomberg TV+ app even includes a stock ticker scrolling at the bottom.

The apps’ sharing features include the ability to share the video that you are watching on Facebook and Twitter. You can only share on demand videos and not the live feed. Users can also share links to any of the text articles that appear in the app.

I am impressed with the Bloomberg TV+ app and I think it is a keeper on my iPad.

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