Watch Ads on Aquto’s Kickbit App to Get Free Data for Your Smartphone

Aquto is working with mobile carriers to bring free data to users who are willing to watch mobile ads. It’s as simple as watching a short video, taking a branded survey, or making purchases. According to Kickbit, approximately 58% of mobile users are on limited data plans, so this is an effective way to add more to your monthly consumption. The app allows you to transfer your points to any devices on supported carrier plans. Just visit the app’s website, type in your country and mobile number to find out if your plan is eligible.

Kickbit is the best way to get more mobile data for your smartphone and tablet data plans. You earn data using Kickbit by completing simple and quick tasks such as watching videos, taking surveys, testing free trials and even shopping for goods and services. You can then transfer your earned data to your data plan whenever you want, on any of your supported devices! The point is you can use more mobile data when you need it without paying more — that’s our mission!



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