Waste Time at Work By Morphing Celebrity Faces

Here’s a little insight into your author’s personal world. Often, together with family and friends, I’ll play really stupid celebrity games. For example, “Who Would You Rather Do?”; “Who Would You Rather Look Like?”; “Build the Perfect Star” (Angelina’s eyes, Katie’s legs, etc.) and so on. Given that little tidbit, it should come to you as no surprise that I really dig MorphThing, a Website that simply lets you blend two photos together. Celebs can be blended without registering and your personal photos can be put together with free and quick registration. Do you know who this is?


No, it’s not my girlfriend. It’s Angelicia! Angelina Jolie and Alicia Keys combined.

Once your morphs are complete you can post them to MySpace, Facebook or other social networking profiles.

If you can’t find your favorite celebrity, the site accepts submissions. It’s not clear to me how the rights of these photos are protected, but who am I to rain on the morph parade?

Recently added famous faces include Katherine Heigl, Michael Jackson, Vanessa Hudgens, Chewbacca and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

For 2007 the “Morph of the Year” was Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie.


The site also lets you add a speech bubble with silly text or convert a photo to
Andy Warhol-style Pop Art.

This is an excellent way to waste a few mindless minutes at work.