WashPost Synergy

The Washington Post’s synergistic broadcasts on WTOP 1500 am and 107.7 fm may be just the first step in moving print reporters to the air waves.

Fielding screened questions on washingtonpost.com, Tina Gulland, director of television and radio projects chatted about Washington Post Radio (marketed as “NPR on caffeine”), and said:

Washington Post Radio is way too demanding an undertaking to be just “testing the waters.” We’re serious about making this local radio station essential listening here in Washington. If future broadcast ventures flow from that, great. But, for now, we want to you to tune in and keep tuning in so that’s what we’re working on everyday.

No word about the unfair labor practice claim filed with the National Labor Relations Board by the union representing The Washington Post employees. In fact, Gulland says:

Many of the guests on Washington Post radio are indeed Post writers and editors. Participation is voluntary. Some fees are paid for work outside the journalist’s work day or duties. The newsroom reaction has been great, real enthusiasm so we’re pleased.

Other highlights:

— Talks with Gene Weingarten about his role on radio have resulted in a tentative plan “but he’s crazy busy at the moment, writing a book w/ Dave Barry and more so it’ll be awhile but stay tuned.”

— More pop culture to be programmed, “but we’ll also keep delivering what we think our listeners also crave : interesting, smart entertaining story telling and analysis about the big issues of the day.”

For the full transcript, see Ask the Post chat.