WARNING: Free Facebook Credits Scams Return!

We've noticed a revival of free Facebook credits scamware on the site.

Watch out! Scamware promising free Facebook credits has returned to the site today.

Some promise 2,000 free credits, while others are offering 5,000 or 10,000 of them.

Of course, the only way to obtain Facebook credits is through:

  • purchasing them,
  • earning them in a game, or
  • receiving them as a gift from another friend.

So anything you see in your news feed promising free credits ought to be a red flag.

The latest batch of free credits scams not only spam your wall but try to get you to like four pages — that results in a total of five items posted on your wall — before leading you to an address off of Facebook with a marketing survey. Yes, completing the questionnaire earns a commission for the scammer, without awarding you any credits.

We fully expect to see Facebook quash this latest scam pretty quickly, given how the site continues to refine its security for faster removal of scamware and the like.

Readers, are you seeing signs of the latest credits scam in your friends’ news feeds? And when was the last time you reported anything to Facebook security?