Warning: Do Not Use iPad Chargers to Recharge E-Cigarettes

explosionA bartender got a fiery surprise when her co-worker’s e-cigarette exploded in a show of flames. Luckily, no one was severely hurt, but we think this is worth mentioning: iPad chargers should not be used on e-cigarettes.

In fact, we think it’s wise to charge items within view. If possible, charge your devices while you’re awake and can be alerted of dangers if there’s smoke or explosion. Electronics are not fool-proof. Even in your pocket with the right kind of pressure, iPhones and other powered electronics can melt, catch on fire, or explode.

It’s likely the e-cigarette experienced too much wattage from the iPad’s powerful charger, causing it to catch on fire. Even if you’ve successfully used an iPad charger on non-iOS devices, we suggest caution.

In a response to the story on the New York Press, the battery’s manufacturer had this to say about the situation:

We cannot comment on the circumstance of this particular instance or make any comment on the provenance of this battery. However, it does not appear that a dedicated electronic cigarette charger was used.

A number of independent organisations, including the fire service, have reiterated warnings that charging lithium batteries incorrectly and failing to take necessary care of these devices can lead to catastrophic failure.