WARNING: Beware Of Bin Laden Malware

Don't click on Facebook posts purporting to show images of the arch-terrorist's corpse.

It didn’t take long for the news about Osama Bin Laden’s death to become fodder for malware.

Please on’t click on Facebook posts purporting to show images of the arch-terrorist’s corpse — the image pictured here nicely outlines the tell-tale Photoshopping.

And be wary of anything that looks like a reposting on the subject perhaps including some wording that doesn’t sound like it really came from the individual whose news feeds spams it out.

Security vendor Zscaler first pointed out this phenomenon, which unfortunately barely half of all available antivirus applications can block. And that’s just for the malware called XvidSetup.exe, which when clicked downloads an adware tool called a hotbar.

We’ve learned to expect that as soon as all 41 of the antivirus products gain the ability to stop XvidSetup.exe, another malware campaign based on Bin Laden will likely emerge. Like Zscaler’s blogger Michael Sutton says so aptly:

Sadly, there will be no shortage of scams taking advantage of this historic global news. Users should use caution any time a site claims to be offering video or photos related to this news.

If you see anything fitting that description, please report the application it to Facebook’s security team, either by clicking on a link labeled as such or visiting the official page linked right here.

Be sure to alert your friends if anything has spammed them from your account — status updates apologizing for these things have become standard etiquette on Facebook.

Then click on your account settings in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to remove all so-called “spammy apps,” along with anything you haven’t used in six months.

Readers, have you seen any Bin Laden malware? And when was the last time you reported something to Facebook security?