Warners is wild – not only about Harry – but Lionel, too

EXCLUSIVE: FishbowlLA has just learned that Warner Bros. Pictures is so pleased with the Herculean efforts of executive VP of theatrical production Lionel Wigram, that he’s being rewarded with a Warner’s based first look-producing deal.


“What?!” you exclaim, “Leaving?!”

Decidedly not: It’s not just any deal, insiders say. It’s flexible, allowing Wigram to develop and produce his own movies while still keeping his Warner’s gig overseeing its insanely lucrative “Harry Potter” franchise. Wigram has supervised the studio’s kiddie money-machine since 2001 (starting with “& the Sorcerer’s Stone”) and still does today (“& the Goblet of Fire”).

Wigram is also currently executive producing Steven Soderbergh‘s “The Good German,” naturally, at Warners, and before joining the studio, produced 1991’s highly underrated “Never on Tuesday.”

“Harry Potter” is fine, of course, multi-billion dollar franchise, yada yada…but what we at Fishbowl really crave is an update of “Harry and the Hendersons.”