Warner Bros. marketing has its work cut out for it

From the More Depraved College Behavior Dept.: Smoking Gun has obtained a copy of the lawsuit filed by a female cheerleader at West Virginia’s Marshall University claiming that she was subjected to various forms of repugnant sexual harassment by the male cheerleaders on the squad. Unsurprisingly, an internal investigation completed by the school found the men’s incessant groping, verbal vulgarities, and forced teabagging “playful” but not discriminatory. When the cheerleader complained, of course, she was stripped of her scholarship for not being personable enough.

All of which must be making the executives at Warner Bros. apoplectic, since they just made the inspiring McG-directed drama about the Marshall football team, We Are Marshall, starring Matthew McConaughey and Matthew Fox.

We sense a title change coming. Well, at least if the movie does well they’ve already got the storyline for the sequel.

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