WaPo’s New Tech Policy Blog Launches, Still Uses ‘Web Sites’

The Switch, WaPo‘s new tech blog, launched today. It’s inaugural post:

Our reaction?

Actually, the link in the title goes to this post, a much more in depth introduction to the new blog and its team despite our initial shock that this one liner is all they’d have for their first post. Tech policy is a well-covered arena in D.C. already, but one that probably deserves the kind of attention a dedicated team can give it.

For what it’s worth, though, Slate’s Matt Yglesias has noted  an old-school hangup in The Switch’s intro that we can trace back to (and blame) the Associated Press: “Hot new Wash Post tech site still hobbled by ‘Web sites’ as official style.”

Noteworthy: AP changed its Web site guideline to “website” back in 2010. WaPo is already playing catch up with it’s tech policy coverage, it’s probably too much to assume style would be any different.