Want To Tweet From Within Your Email? Yahoo! Hopes You Do.

Yahoo! hopes you’ll migrate your tweeting over to their email, with the announcement that the new Yahoo! email will include Twitter, Facebook and other social media integration.

Yahoo! mail is used by over 250 million people, and they’re all in for a nice surprise over the coming weeks.

Yahoo! is giving its email users the option to upgrade their email accounts to a new, faster, and more robust system this week, and will likely roll this out to all customers in the near future.

One of the features that piqued my interest is the ability to tweet from within your email. You’ll be able to integrate your Twitter account with your email account, and read and send tweets alongside checking your email.

The company will also be adding Facebook integration, allowing its users to reply to Facebook messages and engage in Facebook chats instantly as they browse their inbox.

Yahoo! announced several others features in their new email, which you can read about here.

I, personally, am a Gmail user, but I think the idea of integrating social media into email is a smart move from Yahoo!. It’s not something that would make me switch, but I’d be happy if Google followed suite to keep up with their rival.

Nonetheless, I wonder how often I would tweet from my email, after the initial novelty wore off. Unless the widget was very good and showed me relevant tweets from my followers (or better yet, the lists I follow), I would likely still do most of my tweeting from HootSuite.

What about you? Would you use a Twitter widget inside your email client?

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