Want a pair of size 8, 1940s-era platforms in Purple Suede?

205_4.jpgWell, then you really must go to the Midwest Vintage Clothing, Jewelry, Textile Show and Sale on Friday and Saturday in Elgin, Ill. Seriously, this is the place where you can bring a shopping list of all your dream vintage finds and actually have a decent chance of finding what you want. You might even discover more than one of what you truly desire. This writer kids you not! She doesn’t covet purply platforms at the moment, but she knows where to go when she does.

If you go Friday night and you dress in vintage from the top of your head down to your teenie toes, you will be rewarded with a $2 discount on your admission. If you’re voted one of the five best-dressed you’ll get two complimentary passes for the next show: one for you and a guest! So dig out those Chuck Taylors, bobby socks, your grandma’s circle skirt, a petticoat, a crisp white shirt with a Peter Pan collar and get going to the show! Guys, this writer doesn’t have any advice for you – just improvise. If you can’t make this event this weekend, save your change for the Feb. 23-24 sale in Minneapolis.