Walmart’s Next Victim Is Organic Food, and You Can’t Blame Them

walmart organic

Wait, what?

Hey, when you’re Godzilla, you try to step on everything else, crush it, and keep on moving. Why? Because you can.

Meet Walmart. You may have seen a store or two around your neck of the woods. And for the world’s largest company, the one thing you have to give them is they never stop trying to add new cards in the spokes of its ginormous wheel. So, what in the world could it possibly add to its current global domination?

Organic food. I know, right? 

In terms of PR, think about Walmart’s slogan, “Save money. Live better.” What a better way to personify that than to sell organic food at a rate that Sprouts and Whole Foods would never dare consider? And that’s exactly what they are doing.

walmart-chicken-brothAccording to this story in Reuters, Walmart is partnering with Wild Oats beleaguered brand and plans on selling its organic product for at least 25 percent less than market value. 

“If we can make that price premium disappear, we think it will grow much, much faster,” Jack Sinclair, executive vice president of grocery at Walmart U.S., said of the retailer’s small but faster-growing organic sales.

That sound you hear is not the side effects of one of the many colonics on Whole Foods’ shelves. Those are the store’s profits swirling down the drain. While the health giant can make fun of the irony of the processed food monopoly behemoth Walmart selling organic food, in places they will never admit, C-suites at Whole Foods (and Sprouts) are sweating this decision.

For years, health-conscious shoppers (and the rest of us fatties) have often bemoaned the escalating price point of organic food. Here’s a great story from FOX News about why.

It’s sad because people want to eat healthy but the prices scare them straight to the drive-thru. So, think some frou-frou shopper won’t be high-tailing her yoga-panted self to Walmart for cheaper organics?

Granted, it will be at 2:35 a.m., but nonetheless, you get the point.