Wallpaper*‘s Offices Too ‘Common’

wallpaper_062107.jpgSo design magazine Wallpaper* (you know, the one responsible for unleashing Tyler Brulé upon the world) recently moved into new offices in London’s Blue Fin building. They share the space with parent company IPC Media‘s other properties, which include Country Life and The Railway Magazine.

Wallpaper* isn’t too happy about the arrangement. Popbitch got their hands on an office e-mail:

“It has come to Tony’s attention that the office is looking rather… common these days. Yes, its been hard to give our bit of the Blue Fin callcentre that extra Wallpaper* touch, but just coz we’re in the same building as everyone else doesn’t mean our space has to look normal. Creative clutter, good! Random stacks of paper, boxes, and corporate looking desks, bad! Please make a little effort to keep your work areas looking interesting. P.S Hedi Slimane will be in our offices to meet Tony and Nick from 3pm – 5pm tomorrow, look sharp!”

That all sounds a bit Jann Wenner-ish desk inspection to us, but then again, this is a design magazine. Rock and roll, Wallpeeps!