Wall Street Journal Launches YouTube Channel

As all traditional papers are required to do these days, The Wall Street Journal is taking a step into the digital age by launching its own YouTube channel.  The channel launch is to highlight “Off Duty” a new show dedicated to lifestyle issues.  The channel uses the new YouTube layout and looks really sharp.  I imagine we’ll see more big brands dressing up their YouTube page to look like a better landing page in years to come.

One particular feature of the page is the header bar which includes all the major WSJ video series as linkable buttons that point to playlists of the latest videos from either show.  A large attractive “Subscribe” button is at the top, not unlike a Twitter “follow” button or a Facebook “subscribe”.

It’s great to see that several of the journalists from the paper will make an appearance on the variety of shows and give their opinion.  This sort of transformation is becoming de rigeur for traditional newspapers as they are forced to not only shift their content distribution strategy, but re-examine how they can use their talented journalists to engage audiences with news.  A great documentary about the subject is Page One, which looks at the New York Times as it hires new digital staff and transitions into a new era.

What do you think about the WSJ YouTube page?