Wake Up with a Tweet: How to Make a Twitter-Controlled Coffee Pot

Maybe we should have saved this post for Monday morning, but it was just too cool to wait: you can rig up your coffee pot to start brewing with a single tweet. Whether you’re on your way home from work or lying lethargically in bed, you can start that fresh aroma floating around your apartment with a little hardware and some cellphone reception.

The Twitter-to-coffee pot works like this: you tweet using a hashtag “to” your coffee pot, which starts a script. This script basically turns on the pot and gets the coffee brewing (unfortunately, it doesn’t go into your cupboards, find your filters, grind your coffee, and set up the whole thing… you’ll have to do that beforehand).

For the how-to behind making sweet black liquid productivity on-the-fly, you’ll need to refer to Instructables. The great thing about this project is that it doesn’t require too much tech-y know-how: using only Arduino and code available on the Instructables website, you can whip this up in half an hour.

LifeHacker notes that you can use this script to turn on almost any AC device, so if you want to remotely turn on your toaster oven, you can go ahead and do that too.

You can see the Twitter-controlled coffee pot in action in the video below: