Wacom Inkling Bridges Old School Pen & Paper Drawings to the Digital Vector World

People used to share news, ideas and drawings via paper in the old days. And, quite frankly, paper is still a very good tool. A number of digital pen products for writing and drawing have appeared over the years. The latest entry in this field comes from Wacom a pioneer in producing consumer and professional digitizing tablets.

Wacom Inkling (product page)

The Inkling digital sketch pen is specifically designed to capture drawings. Drawings are stored stroke by stroke. These vector drawings can be edited later using desktop drawing software. It does this by using an Inkling digital pen with an Inkling receiver clipped to the top or side of a drawing surface. No special paper is required for this process. Wacom’s Inkling will be available mid-September for $199.

Via TechCrunch: Wacom’s Inkling Captures What You Draw On Paper Digitally

Video courtesy of Wacom