Wackwall Lets You Create a Social Network within 5 Minutes

When it comes to social network creation tool, the first service that comes into my mind is Ning. But there are actually other web 2.0 sites which offer the same service. And one of them is a web 2.0 site called Wackwall.

Wackwall is a webservice that offers an easy-to-use wizard for creating your own online social network websites. With the assumption that you might not be using established social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Bebo among other, Wackwall offers up something will enable you to freely create any and many social networks.

With Wackwall’s webservice, you can easily create your own social network site in five minutes. But of course you are free to create a more complicated social network should the basic site creation wizard leaves you hungry for more room to experiment on your social network.

Joining Wackwall is free and you can have as many social networks as you like. You can create a social network site for your family, colleagues, friends or even your favotire rock band. As a webservice, Wackwall allows you to share photos and video and blog posts and discussions.

It’s free service and wouldn’t require too much of you time. So don’t even hesitate on not using the service, even if you’re going to that just to explore.