W2O Launches New ‘Brewlife’ Agency

Happy Monday morning! Today in Breaking Industry News: The W2O Group, an “independent global network of communications firms” whose ranks include Portugese firm W2O Digital, New York/London-based WCG and San Francisco’s Twist Marketing, just announced plans to form an entirely new agency, to be known as Brewlife.

While we were initially disappointed to learn that Brewlife will not specialize in developing and marketing experimental beers, we are now glad to report that the company’s services will be far more comprehensive.

Based in San Francisco and staffed by a team of industry veterans with decades of experience in branding and communications, Brewlife will offer integrated marketing services including strategic consulting, creative and digital design, advertising and public advocacy efforts to a wide range of clients with a particular focus on “entrepreneurial and startup firms” and “emerging and re-emerging companies”. The fact that the Brewlife team will begin its life with access to all of W20’s shared resources ensures that new clients will hit the ground running.

Paul Laland, a longtime member of the W2O Group, will act as managing director of the new agency. In his introductory blog post, Laland expands on the principles behind Brewlife and the agency’s goals, which include “bring[ing] brands to life by infusing them with a provocative voice” and combining the “passion of storytelling” with advanced data analytics.

We’ll be sure to report back on subsequent Brewlife developments.