Nearly One Quarter Of Voters Have Tweeted, Posted About Their Vote On Social Media [STUDY]

Yesterday’s US Presidential Election set some new records, not the least of which was recently re-elected President Obama’s victory tweet which has become the most retweeted tweet in history.

So with all of this political tweeting going on, how did you participate? Did you encourage others to vote on your social networks? New figures from Pew show that if you did, you’re part of a very vocal, very active political group using social media.

Pew Internet And American Life Project sampled registered voters across the country on Tuesday to see how their political opinions spread to social media.

Nearly one quarter (22 percent) of registered voters in the US have used a social network to let others know how they voted. 25 percent of Obama’s supporters announced that they voted for their favorite candidate, while 20 percent of Romney supporters specified who they voted for.

The politically active also took to Twitter, Facebook and other networks to encourage their friends and family to vote, with 20 percent urging others to vote and 30 percent seeing at least one message urging them to go to the polls.

Next to face-to-face conversations, both Obama and Romney supporters have heard from friends and family via social media more often than through any other channel.

Although these findings show a very politically active electorate taking to social media, a previous Pew study found that social media users are quite negative towards politics.

Did you use social media to talk about the election? If so, did you encourage others to vote, or see encouragement in your own timeline? Let us know in the comments below.

(Vote keyboard image via Shutterstock)

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