Vook’s Matt Cavnar Defends Role Of Publisher

Despite the rise of self-publishing in the digital publishing world, Matt Cavnar, chief of product & acquisitions at Vook, does not think that publishers are going anywhere.

In an interview with Digital Book World, he said: “Publishing companies are relevant because the creative capital they have is outstanding. They have gathered within their walls the smartest people when it comes to this kind of content. They are both the curators and producers. Curators say that you should read this; curator-producers say that you should read this and we made it for you so you can read it. And that’s very valuable.”

Why can’t the same thing work for a self-published piece? Canvar goes on in the DBW interview: “The alternative is that you have the content creator saying ‘I think this is a good idea’ and providing it directly, which is great, but then the landscape becomes more fractured.”