Vook Teams Up with Deepak Chopra


Vook and the Trident Media agency announced a partnership today to release two Vooks by Deepak Chopra. The first is his novel Budda: A Story of Enlightenment; the second is a collection of interviews with academics sponsored by the Chopra Foundation, called Sages and Scientists.

Chopra is excited about the project, as he says in a statement: “I am delighted to be working with Vook and am grateful that Trident Media brought me this opportunity…We are entering a new era of multimedia expression that brings information and knowledge into the human nervous system through a variety of sensory inputs. For the last 25 years, I have written about consciousness and the ramifications of understanding our spirit through the window of science. Today I believe this is possible because of the new technologies.”

Scientists and Sages seems like an especially good use of the Vook platform, offering Chopra the ability to introduces readers to the various scholars in a way a print book truly couldn’t.