VoloMedia Launches Podcast Metric for iTunes

NEW YORK Startup digital advertising and technology firm VoloMedia, which says it can deliver advertising and measure audience traffic within content that is downloaded to portable devices, has launched a new version of its plug-in product that is compatible with Apple’s iTunes.

The company, which currently works with publishers MSNBC, Fox News and Public Radio International, says it has an answer to a problem that has stalled the growth of podcast advertising — namely, how do you track what happens to digital content when it’s no longer connected to the Internet?

VoloMedia, formerly the podcast advertising company PodBridge, has created downloadable software that is designed to measure audience activity, such as how many people listen to a particular podcast. The program also works as an ad-serving platform, enabling marketers to place timely messages within podcasts and other digital content even after they’ve been downloaded to various devices.

Now, the company has created a version of its plug-in that works specifically with iTunes, arguably the premier distribution platform for downloadable content.

And besides enhancing podcast advertising and audience measurement, the product is designed to enhance the podcast experience for consumers.

Podcasts that contain the VoloMedia plug-in will feature three clickable buttons, identified as “Share,” “Bookmark” and “More” — which allow users to automatically spread content, much like they do with videos on the Web.

Observers said that VoloMedia’s pact with iTunes should help boost the still nascent medium.

“Enabling interactivity within the iTunes environment fills a feature gap that we believe has been missing,” said Michael Olson, technology analyst at Piper Jaffray. “Historically, publishers put content into the iTunes podcasting store without knowing what happens to that content afterwards and without an ability to tap into the user base. With the plug-in, publishers will be able to receive consumption metrics and have cross-marketing opportunities with an already engaged audience.”