Volcanoes! Tornadoes! Vague Hints Of Terrorism! How The Explosion Was Covered

Best coverage: New York Post

The big story this news cycle, obviously, was the massive explosion in Midtown yesterday.

How local and national news outlets handled the blast:

  • CNN missed the story by an hour.

  • Fox News delayed coverage as well and held off live reports until the Fox Report at 7PM.

  • An e-mailer writes: Interesting to note the difference between CNN.com’s coverage and FOXNews.com’s coverage of the midtown explosion on Wednesday. CNN quick to say “fire.” FOXNews.com? “Explosion Rocks Midtown Manhattan at Height of Evening Rush Hour.” The story says no terrorism link, but the headline is all hype.

  • MSNBC? By 12PM Thursday, the story was not even featured on their homepage. Instead, brush fire warnings take center stage.

  • The Times rose to the occasion via Sewell Chan‘s City Room; updated information was posted to the blog starting at 6:18 PM.

  • Four stories in the Daily News. Their angle: “Volcano on 41st Street.”

  • The New York Post offered the best coverage of the dailies and pictures. Lots of pictures.