Voki Comes To Facebook

I have to be honest, I had never used Voki until they launched their Facebook application yesterday. I had seen Voki on Fred Wilson’s blog previously but didn’t get any further than the surface. Then last night I was reading Charlie’s blog and was thoroughly entertained by his Voki widget. The Voki widget is the most robust flash application to date on Facebook. So how does it work? After adding the Voki application you can either log in with your existing account to load your existing Voki avatars or start from scratch. I started from scratch since I don’t already have an account. Next you select one of seemingly hundreds of avatars ranging from the devil (pictured left) to anime characters to animals and a whole lot more. After customizing your avatar you can record your own message and the avatar’s mouth moves with your voice. It’s pretty slick! This application also has a viral component to it. In order to leave a message on the person’s profile you need to create your own Voki account (for free of course). The application creators definitely built in all the Facebook promotional features possible including a link which allows you to broadcast your Voki to your newsfeed. Congrats to the Voki team on launching this application! If you want your own talking avatar on your Facebook profile, go grab the Voki application.