Create Your Own Graphic Social Media Profile With Vizify

Back at the end of 2012, we shared with you Vizify’s cool Twitter “year in review” feature.

It’s worth taking another look at Vizify, if you haven’t already.

Vizify is a free online service that lets you collect all of your social media profiles into one place, like – except it’s super visual, interactive and generally snazzy.

Here’s mine.

A snapshot:

To create your own, sign up for a free Vizify account, then link up your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Instagram accounts. Vizify pulls info from each, and automatically generates a unique profile for you.

It’s helpful in order to be able to share all of your social presences in one fell swoop, rather than sending individual links. Although, we do wish you could add in your Google+ and Pinterest stats.

You can customize the profile’s color scheme, organization and more.

It gets better: you can integrate your branded Vizify profile into your blog, website or email signature – and track analytics to see how many people are checking you out.

Pretty cool, eh? Sign up here.