Vivaty Transforms the Flat Web into a Colorful, Rich 3D Environment

If you’ve always wanted to join 3D virtual environment but you don’t want to try Second Life. Or if Google’s Lively 3D virtual environment is too simple for your likings, you might want to take new 3D virtual environment Vivaty a spin. Second Life provides you with a 3D world where you can interact and transact business, while Lively provides you with your own 3D virtual room, Vivaty for its part allows you to create your own 3D virtual SCENE.

Like we said, Vivaty Scenes is a web based virtual community where you can personalize your own virtual scene, avatar and socialize with your friends. It’s mission is to make the flat web into a more visually rich and expressive experience that amplifies socialization and engagement.

Since it is currently in beta mode, Vivaty Scenes is currently available only as application in AIM and Facebook. But Vivaty promises to support other web sites soon.

In the meantime, should you wish to try it out, you need to install the Facebook application or for to get it installed in AIM, you need to install a plug-in to pull out the Vivaty service. Which ever you choose to use, you will be prompted to download and install the Vivaty player.

Once you’ve fulfilled those prerequisites, you can start creating your avatar and your scenes. Enjoy!