Vitrue Brings Cross-Platform Page Management Platform to Google+, International Markets

Page management platform developer Vitrue has added Google+ to the list of social networks on which its platform runs. Between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and G+, the company now oversees 1 billion social relationships.

The company attributes this growth both to new clients and to its current clients’ rapid expansion across social networks, where they form more connections with consumers. The Page Management platform currently allows Page admins to schedule, publish and moderate content on social networks with localization support across 35 different countries. Vitrue recently updated its Twitter support to factor in Klout scores as an additional component that tracks responses marketer Tweets.

CEO Reggie Bradford tells us that almost 90% of that 1 billion comes from Facebook, while the rest is mainly made up of Twitter.

“For us, Facebook is still the substantial part of our development effort and our clients are still extremely interested in building off [of Facebook’s] global presence,” Bradford says. “It continues to be a dominant part of our platform”

Vitrue has been pursuing a consolidation strategy, believing that that’s where the Page management market is headed. Aside from adding Google+ to its suite of social networks, the company is also adding new components to its platform, such as ecommerce through a partnership with developer Milyoni announced in early August.

“In general, we see opportunities to further grow and some cases, it could be partnerships or full acquisitions, whether they’re geographic expansions or product expansions that make it easier for the marketer to manage data across multiple platforms,” Bradford tells us. “You’re going to continue to see an acceleration of consolidation — marketers have too many systems to log into and it’s too siloed right now. It’ll [developer] more toward a more holistic approach, with consolidation driven by the customer base.”