Visual DNA Helps You Meet People Just Like You

DNA, the blueprint of all known living organisms. What if you could harness the power of your innate personality and apply it to your social networking activity online? Youniverse wants to help you establish your Visual DNA.

Visual DNA is determined after you complete a fun and easy quiz. Fear not! Failure is not an option. Among the questions you’ll tackle: identify art, share how you like to enjoy music, and share ‘what makes you feel free?’

The survey is light and breezy, partly because all of the choices are represented by images.

Upon completion you must register with the site or log into Facebook to save and view your results. A list of potential contacts is generated, each with a % of how related their answers were to yours.

You can also compare yourself with other groups – such as other men – or see how you stack up against the rest of the Youniverse

Your results can also be displayed as a widget, so you can show the world what you’re made out of and potentially attract more friends for your social networking endeavors.

Now you’re probably wondering how accurate the results are. Good question! According to the folks behind Visual DNA:

“Youniverse has worked with a leading occupational psychologist to develop a highly complex advanced love test which covers six key life areas, including: emotions, intellect, dynamism, skills, optimism and context.

When each of these key areas come together in the form of Visual DNA, they offer comprehensive, highly tailored feedback, with suggestions for career development and strives to help Youniverse users make more informed choices in their everyday lives.

VisualDNA is a highly social concept as it is designed to offer a means for individuals to better understand themselves and others with a view to facilitating both relevant, new friendships and also to strengthen existing relationships through a heightened understanding of shared attitudes, emotions and values.”

Another product the company offers are VisualDNA shops. These allow bloggers to make money blogging by including a referral widget on their sites, earning them affiliate money.