Visual Basic Can Now Be Used for Developing Windows Phone 7 Apps

I read this news with a combination of anticipation and dread.

Announcing: Visual Basic Windows Phone 7 Support RTW (MSDN Blogs – Jason Zanders Weblog)

There’s the anticipation of a lot of innovative and highly skilled VB developers adding to Windows Phone’s catalog of apps. Then, there’s the dread of yet more flashlight, tip calculator, and BBC News apps. I should note that I enjoy and appreciate reading BBC News. The problem is the confusing number of unofficial BBC News apps for Windows Phone 7.

VB development for Windows Phone requires one of the paid versions of Visual Studio 2010. This might limit the number of VB “junk apps”. So, first things first coders! Windows Phone 7 is in dire need of clones of Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies.

Via ReadWriteWeb: VB Developers Can Now Publish Windows Phone 7 Apps