We Visited the San Francisco Cable Car With Hyperlapse

We tested out Hyperlapse, Instagram's new time-lapse app, by visiting one of San Francisco's famous cable cars.


Instagram’s latest standalone app is a wonderful tool for mobile filmmakers. The app, Hyperlapse, uses the phone’s gyroscope to stabilize time-lapsed videos into smooth cinematic creations — all at the palm of your hands.

Unlike Instagram, this app doesn’t come with a filter. Once you download it, the app walks you through a short tutorial. Then, you hit the one and only button to start recording and then the same button to stop. When you’re done, the app allows you to adjust the speed of the video and share it via Facebook or Instagram. One caveat: You can’t add sound. Hyperlapse videos on Instagram are naturally muted. This makes sense, since speeding sound will make everyone sound like chipmunks.

To test the app out, SocialTimes took a short field trip to visit the iconic San Francisco cable car line at Powell Street. All of the original footage were captured using Hyperlapse, exported and edited using Adobe Premiere Pro. The music was acquired through FreeMusicArchive.org.


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