Visionaire Goes to Rio, Dances on the Sand (in 3D!)

Visionaire 62 Rio photographed by Junichi Ito. Inset: Fyodor Pavlov-Andreevich’s “Snowpanema.”

It’s impossible to wade very far into today’s culture without encountering Brazil or 3-D glasses, and the fashion-meets-art wizards at Visionaire have united these two megatrends in the latest issue of their shape-shifting publication. Visionaire 62 Rio, produced in collaboration with real estate developer Iguatemi, takes the form of 18 3D images in which the likes of Maurizio Cattelan, Marco Brambilla, Marilyn Minter, and Richard Phillips intrepret Brazil’s second largest city. The art slides are packaged with a stereoscope (think souped-up yet streamlined ViewMaster) designed and engineered by New York-based aruliden and tucked inside a case paneled with lenticular screens that animate artworks by either Fernando and Humberto Campana or Beatriz Milhazes. If you’re ready to pop for one of the 2,000 issues ($375 each), Visionaire is now taking pre-orders here. Test drive before you buy by visiting Visionaire at 11 Mercer Street in New York or by watching the below video.