Visceral Games Uses Facebook To Get Some Buzz for Dead Space 2

In the frozen void of space, a now derelict mining vessel has had a communications failure. Unfortunately, for engineer Isaac Clarke, the USG Ishimura isn’t quite so derelict after all, as its inhabitants are now the skittering, the lumbering, and the things that hail from the deepest corners of the galaxy.

This, of course, is the basic premise behind the sci-fi, survival horror game, Dead Space from Electronic Arts’ studio, Visceral Games. The folks over at Visceral are looking to spark up some buzz for their next deep space adventure. To do this, the company has worked with Wildfire Interactive Promotions to make, well, an interactive promotion for the upcoming game, Dead Space 2, on Facebook.

The idea is two-fold. The app page contains a contest that is not only intended to get more people talking about the game, but also give players the opportunity to design their very own melee combat move. Essentially, in Dead Space, every little critter wants to eat you and when the player character gets locked into a grapple, they have to use some form of melee move to save themselves and hopefully kill the baddy before it gets back up.

To this end, Visceral Games is looking for player input as to what would be the coolest attack poor Isaac could use. Fans will be able to submit descriptions, photos or drawings, and even video (3D animation or live action) to show what they have thought up. These can all be done through the Facebook app itself after a short registration, and the top 10 will be chosen. From here, the fan-base will vote on which one gets put into the final game.

Traditionally speaking, contests have always been a strong marketing way to get people involved in something. However, with it now on Facebook, players that discover the app will be able to invite their friends to check it out as well. Obviously, this use of the social graph will increase the spreading of this promotion significantly, and hopefully the upcoming game’s buzz as well. Of course, even if you friends don’t want to participate, they can always view everyone else’s submissions. Maybe they’ll even find that video of you making a fool of yourself grappling that invisible lurker!