Virtual Currency Monetization Comes to Twitter with 140 Mafia and Super Rewards

Virtual currency platforms have become one of the most common ways for social network application developers to monetize their apps on social networks. However, now that text-based RPGs are making their way from MySpace and Facebook on to Twitter, it would only make sense that the virtual currency platforms would follow. Today, Super Rewards is announcing a partnership with Twitter game 140 Mafia that does just that.

140 Mafia is a Mafia Wars style RPG that ties in various player actions with Twitter updates. Like other mafia games, players fight, level up, garner new equipment, and grow their mob with Twitter friends – all of which is optionally broadcast via tweets. This, in turn, has allowed for dramatic viral growth of the game (especially because the Tweeting options are incentivized – players earn 1% extra income for each type of action they tweet). Super Rewards CEO Jason Bailey says the partnership will make the game the first “proven profitable” app for Twitter.

Currently, some estimates say 140 Mafia will reach 1 million players in a couple of months. We wouldn’t be surprised to see other popular Twitter games like  Spymaster follow suit in exploring virtual currency monetization opportunities. Twitter as a gaming platform is no Facebook (yet), but things are certainly growing at an impressive rate.