Virginia Promoting Aug. 3 as Telework Day: The Mobile Aspect of Staying Home

Interesting item in PC World about the Commonwealth of Virginia declaring August 3….

‘Telework Day’ Urged for Cost, Energy Savings

The idea is to reduce traffic and the extra fuel associated with driving and traffic jams by having people work at home on August 3. Although you might think of telework as the opposite of being mobile (you stay at home and don’t go out), it is really just a special case of mobile work. In the case of telework, your movement is from your office to your home. So, if you and your firm have solutions for working on-the-go – access to email, remote meetings, routing telephone calls, access to internal files, printing, etc. – you also have a solution (from the technical level) for telework.

BTW: Having spent 7 months working at home full-time, here’s a tip for solving one small but critical telework problem – watercooler chit-chat where useful information is often transferred: Set up a separate private Twitter account that just people you personally tweet about the same kinds of things that might be heard at the watercooler, lunch room, etc. I found it much more useful than instant messaging, voice calls and other more conventional interaction technologies.

You can find Virginia’s telework site at: