[Viral Video] Batman, Like The Rest Of Us, Thinks Superman Is Boring

In today's (Not Safe For Work) viral video, Batman is approached by Superman to form a team. Batman proceeds to be a jerk about it.

This is the second day in the row that The Pete Holmes Show has released a video they knew would get a lot of traffic and attention from sites like ours. It’s nerd bait, but it’s good nerd bait. And as your fearless editor, I cannot in good conscience skip sharing for your consideration a verbal feud between Batman and Superman. Especially when said feud includes acknowledgements of the best comic ever printed, The Dark Knight Returns.

(Ok. Second best. All-Star Superman is the first. And no, Watchmen doesn’t make the list. It’s overrated. “Oh. Look at us. We’re heroes but we have psychological problems and the same failings you do, but since Allen Moore wrote our story, everyone loves it.” No! Allen Moore is overrated. There. Finally someone said it.)

I skipped yesterday’s Professor X / Wolverine confrontation because of some of the language, but be warned this Batman Vs. Superman parody has some language you might not want to share when your boss is around. Unless your boss is really cool about swearing. In which case, invite your boss and your co-workers to come watch this with you. It’s that funny.

Relevance to SocialTimes? What’s the quickest way to the heart of the Page View Based Economy? Take stuff the bloggers know and love, make fun of it, and then release it in conjunction with a credible source those bloggers are familiar with. In this case, for Batman vs. Superman, the source was College Humor. It’s one of the fastest way to get yourself some page views. Just something to keep in the back of your mind as you plan to get your content out there.