Viral Radar: Molecular Genetics, Engineering And…Lady Gaga?

YouTube pop song spoofs are going to the geeks! An engineer's 'Billionaire' spoof and a scientist Gaga parody are proving that you don't have to be "cool" to go viral.

YouTube pop song spoofs are going to the geeks with two new parody hits that are going viral this week. That’s right – and engineer has spoofed Travie McCoy’s ‘Billionaire and a group of molecular scientists have gone Gaga, proving that you don’t have to be “cool” to go viral.

Don’t get me wrong – I think these guys are totally cool for making these videos. However, they aren’t cool in the sense that science and engineering are not traditionally “cool”. But even though these guys are engineers and scientists, they’ve proved that they can parody pop like none other!

Only Won the Lyrical Engineer wants to be an engineer so freakin’ bad. He sings and raps about PC Magazine and Pentium processors, calculations, protractors and mathematics and it’s awesome. He says, “Call me a geek or maybe even a nerd but face the facts, we da ones be ruling this word.” Right you are, Dear Only Won. Right you are.

The Zheng Lab is another group of geeks that rock out with their own parody – this time a parody of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”, which they dub Lady Science’s “Bad Project”, about a dissertation project that just isn’t cutting it. They write in the description that this was a “submission for the Molecular and Human Genetics Retreat 2011 at Baylor College of Medicine.” Personally I never thought molecular and human genetics could make a person want to dance this much! Oh, and the make-shift Gaga costumes are out of this world!

The Lady Gaga parody has been viewed over 745,000 times since it’s upload less than a week ago and the Only Won Billionaire parody, which just started going viral, has just over 120,000. What do you think of these geeky tributes? Science and engineering have never been so cool!