Twitter, Reddit, Blogging And Metcalf’s Law – The Secrets Of Viral Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

What makes content ‘go viral’?

This magic formula is something that brands and marketers strive to discover with almost every online project – the joy and benefits of seeing your hard work shared so much that it takes on a life and energy of its own are almost immeasurable – but it isn’t as easy as simply wanting it to happen.

Indeed, many viral ‘campaigns’ haven’t been planned at all, and are embraced en masse by the greater public simply through a combination of luck and timing. Others, however, including notable examples such as the recent Old Spice promotion, are carefully organized to the smallest detail, and the end results are absolutely incredible.

So… what’s the secret sauce?

This infographic made by Voltier Digital for Problogger unveils some of the mystery behind viral content marketing.

(Top image credit: amasterphotographer via Shutterstock.)