Vimeo Video Recorder, Editor, Uploader: Fast, Reasonably Easy & Free

Vimeo for iPhone app test from Todd Ogasawara on Vimeo.

I learned about the new Vimeo for iPhone app shortly before I left to meet with friends at a nearby Starbucks for an informal business meeting.
Vimeo Crafts an Elegant Video Browsing & Editing Experience for iPhone (Mashable)
Vimeo is a free streaming video service somewhat similar to YouTube. Their iPhone app is also free (Vimeo 1.0). The app provides the ability to record a video and upload it to your Vimeo account. It also provides some basic editing features similar to Apple’s $4.99 iMovie for iOS app. Again, note that Vimeo’s app is free. I walked around the corner from Starbucks before my meeting to record 25 seconds of video to test the app, its editor, ability to add a soundtrack and the upload process. I did not test merging video segments together. However, I did add a title and uploaded it to Vimeo at the beginning my informal business meeting. The editing process quite different from iMovie for iOS. I’m not sure I would call either app’s editing process intuitive. But, both are relatively easy to learn and use. The upload process went quickly using Starbuck’s free WiFi access. I should note that I have not been able to successfully upload a video from iMovie for iOS to YouTube yet. So, score “1” for Vimeo.
The process was simple and quick enough that I was able to show my friends the finished product Vimeo’s website on my iPad 2 . When asked when I did that, I answered: A few minutes ago.